Knowledge Workshops

The South-South Knowledge Exchange and Coordination Workshops

SSTC-ADFS video 3

4fourth workshop

The South-South Knowledge Exchange and Coordination Workshop on water resources and irrigation system under climate change was organized in the framework of the partnership initiative on South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Agricultural Development and Enhanced Food Security (SSTC-ADFS) jointly supported by IFAD, IsDB and UNOSSC.

Sharing the Moroccan Experiences 

Countries’ Presentations of Innovative Practical Solutions in the Area of Water Resources Management and Irrigation

Practical Way Forward: Transfer of Innovative Solutions and Technologies

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UNOSSC, Division for Arab States, Europe & the CIS BAPA40 Side Event: Private Sector Engagement in SouthSouth and Triangular Cooperation | The second panel identifi… 3 days ago

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