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SSTC-ADFS video 6

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This publication identifies and presents an analysis of existing sustainable policies and practices in livestock management that currently contribute or could potentially contribute to the enhanced resilience of smallholder farmer communities in the countries participating in the SSTC-ADFS partnership initiative.

Furthermore, it promotes the successful home-grown solutions and national expertise of the participating countries in the thematic areas supported by the initiative, including livestock development, livestock management, farmer-based organizations and other important issues.

The analysis and discussion of some of these replicable and scalable solutions, which could serve as the basis for local, regional or national transfers and tangible benefits for groups of youth, poor people and women in selected rural areas in the participating countries, are based on two sources of information.

The first source is technical and scientific documents, national and international reports, books, articles, surveys and online publications. The second source is aggregated data, national and international statistics, and economic analyses. Information from the two sources was merged, processed and presented according to a scientific methodological approach published by the United Nations University (Gross and others, 1998).

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